This Week in Let’s Play: 1-7 May

Welcome to This Week in Let’s Play, your handy guide to what’s been going on in the world of LP.


AndrewArcade paints murals and goes dancing in Part 44 of Sims 4 City Living:

AndrooNRGaming finds out that punk isn’t really his genre in Part 2 of Pokemon Academy Life:

Behind2Beards’ Brownbeard finally gets the perfect player-character experience in A Boy and His Beard:

ChaosLordRoss meets a new kind of chaos in Part 1 of the Devil May Cry DLC:

Cinemassacre’s Mike Matei is a well-oiled machine as he plays Wolfenstein 3D:

CommanderHolly is the queen of side quests in Part 6 of Planescape: Torment (Enhanced Edition):

D-dubb da Scrub has no hesitation, just friendly crustaceans (under the sea) in ABZU:

DoctorsGaming and friends have to run for their lives in Dead By Daylight:

DotGames tackles the Marsh Cave in Episode 3 of Final Fantasy (GBA):

The Eurogamer team play Dino Crisis in a new episode of Late to the Party:

FUBARGaming has lightning hands in Episode 1 of The Technomancer:

The Game Attack team have no idea what’s going on as they play Arctic Thunder:

Game Grumps casually give their condolences in Part 55 of Breath of the Wild:

Instinct finds the grossest note in the game in Part 4 of Outlast 2:

InvertedReality play some Laser Disco Defenders and share their initial reactions:

IJBGaming feels the heat in Part 29 of A Link to the Past:

JankyShenanigans does some hardcore parkour in Get to the Orange Door:

JesseCox plays some Porno Tycoon Studio for Fan Friday:

Jim Sterling kicks ass for the lord in Crosier:

JoeDiamondPlays does a little bit of backtracking in Part 12 of Ori and the Blind Forest:

KimChica deals with exterminators in Part 7 of Resident Evil 7:

KittyKatGaming’s Mortem3r and special guest Sheena are a professional bomb squad in Bomb Corp:

Lucahjin deals with some Luigi-based frustration in Part 44 of Bowser’s Inside Story:

Markiplier enters the valley of death in Part 4 of Little Nightmares:

MasaeAnela uncovers some secrets in Part 83 of Tales of Symphonia:

MasterOv attempts a 100 win streak in Part 7 of C.A.T.S:

Miss Multi-Console hangs out in a rowdy rainforest in Episode 14 of Lego Worlds:

Nonbinary Robot gets a little shaken up in Part 4 of Renew (OFF fangame):

OrangeJuiceJones doesn’t know if it’s the end in Part 5 of Emily Wants To Play:

Parallax Entertainment share some wins, fails, and funny moments in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds:

PixelJuice play some Little Nightmares:

PNG celebrates Star Wars Day by playing some Star Wars The Force Unleashed II:

Subject:Re experiences puzzle solving at its finest in Part 1 of Little Nightmares:

Tesla ゴジラ shares his first impressions of Skyling: Garden Defense:

TetraNinja sets off on a new LP in Episode 1 of Prey:

TheWritegamers deal with some royal pains in Part 5 of Sort the Court:

Thumbclicks’ Sarah and special guest Schweebe try to guess the pokemon:

Voidburger faces off against the final boss in Part 30 of Yooka-Laylee:

Wanderbots get prehistoric in Part 1 of Birthdays the Beginning:

Wired & Witty make it to the end in Part 7 of Little Nightmares:

YutzmanGaming finishes off Shadow Warrior in Part 33:


8-Bit Eric reviews TumbleSeed for the Nintendo Switch:

AbdallahSmash shows off ALL mushroom shortcuts in Mario Kart 8:

Arekkz Gaming checks out this week’s vendor reset in The Division:

Arlo says a sentimental goodbye to the Wii U:

AustinJohnPlays takes a look at the DLC for Breath of the Wild:

Cinemassacre’s Mike and Ryan share their thoughts on Eagle Island for PC:

FantasticalGamer discusses 10 irritating hero abilities that Overwatch players hate:

The Game Grumps ‘Best Of’ for April is here!

Gameranx ranks the top 10 mobile games for April 2017:

GamesRadar discuss 10 things everyone should know before buying Prey:

Jim Sterling clears up the mess that is Brash Games for The Jimquisition:

Nintendo Life shares a close-up comparison of the new 2DS XL with the 3DS:

ProsafiaGaming looks at the evolution of battle stages in Mario Kart since 1992:

TheGebs24 goes on a retro games hunt and returns with a new console:

Yahtzee lets rip on remastered editions of games:


The Behind2Beards boys are making some updates and changes! Watch here:

CommanderHolly has some updates for all her tweethearts:

TurtleTantrums shares a channel update! Watch here:

It’s time for another episode of TWiLP plays! This time I played some Night in the Woods. Watch here:

That’s all for this week! If there’s anything you think we’ve missed out then please tweet us @ThisWeekinLP and we’ll be sure to take a look. Happy gaming, and here’s to a good week ahead!


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