This Week in Let’s Play: 3-9 April

Welcome to This Week in Let’s Play, your handy guide to what’s been going on in the world of LP.


AbdallahSmash026 tackles Zofia Castle in the first part of Fire Emblem Gaiden for NES. Watch here:

AndrewArcade takes his sims to check out GeekCon in Part 39 of Sims 4: City Living. Watch here:

Behind2Beards’ Brownbeard plays and is…extremely mature. Watch here:

ChaosLordRoss tackles a nightfall strike with help from some friends. Watch here:

Cinemassacre’s James and Mike play A Week of Garfield for the Famicom. Watch here:

CommanderHolly and RubberNinja play songs and get pizza in the finale of Night in the Woods. Watch here:

D-dubb da Scrub finds his happy plays as he plays Happy Room. Watch here:

DoctorsGaming plays The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt. Watch here:

DotGames takes on the Tower of Winds in Dragon Warrior II for the Gameboy Colour. Watch here:

The Eurogamer team play Hotline Miami in a new episode of Late to the Party. Watch here:

FUBARGaming has a head-breaking time while playing Bound. Watch here:

GameAttack have circled all the way back around to Mario Party 1 for Mario Party Saturday. Watch here:

Game Grumps play McKids. It’s…a game. Watch here:

Gymnast86 has broken 42 minutes in his latest speedrun of Breath of the Wild. Watch here:

Instinct gets good and scared in Part 2 of Narcosis. Watch here:

InvertedReality share their first impressions of Curses N’ Chaos. Watch here:

IJBGaming is sleepy in Part 15 of A Link to the Past. Watch here:

Jake The Hawk sets off on a new adventure in Part 1 of Kingdom Hearts. Watch here:

JankyShenanigans plays Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King in Episode #6 of Janky’s Lab. Watch here:

Jesse Cox plays DOMINA for this week’s Fan Friday. Watch here:

Jim Sterling plays Roots of Insanity for Jimpressions. Watch here:

JoeDiamond wants everyone to beware of rocks in Part 1 of Breath of the Wild. Watch here:

KimChica avoids lights and evades capture in Episode 2 of INSIDE. Watch here:

KittyKatGaming’s Mort3mer and Barry Kramer talk to dishwashers in Part 8 of Overcooked. Watch here:

Lucahjin breaks Bowser’s buttbone in Part 35 of Bowser’s Inside Story. Watch here:

Markiplier, JackScepticEye and LordMinion lose their minds laughing in Part 45 of Prop Hunt. Watch here:

MasaeAnela investigates the shady activities out on a remote island ranch in Part 64 of Tales of Symphonia. Watch here:

MasterOv plays one of his favourite maps in Part 216 of Bloons TD Battles. Watch here:

Miss Multi-Console tackles another side quest in preparation for going back to the main story in Part 28 of Gravity Rush 2. Watch here:

OJJ Games feels the burn in Part #4 of Resident Evil: Biohazard. Watch here:

Subject:Re comes back to Papers, Please and has to double-check some passing tourists. Watch here:

Tesla ゴジラ shares his first impressions of platformer Revolve. Watch here:

TheWritegamers get revenge and battle on the shores of Dover in Part #4 of Ryse: Son of Rome. Watch here:

TheGebs24 plays FInal Fight 3 for the SNES. Watch here:

“Welcome back to Shepard’s ass.” UndeadMutt44 chats with Samara and replays Mass Effect 2. Watch here:

Wired & Witty start a new LP of Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter. Watch here:

YutzmanGaming has fun with bombs in Part 12 of Resident Evil 7. Watch here:


8-Bit Eric takes a look at the first month of the Nintendo Switch. Watch here:

ArekkzGaming checks out this week’s vendor reset in the The Division. Watch here:

AustinJohnPlays takes a look at Yooka-Laylee and outlines why it might be the right game for you. Watch here:

FantasticalGamer shares how to get the Fierce Deity armor set and sword in Breath of the Wild. Watch here:

Game Grumps and special guest CommanderHolly draw some birds on this week’s Doodle Doods. Watch here:

Gamer’s Guide and Gaijin Insights discuss gender in the Persona series. Watch here:

Gameranx discusses the reveal of the XBox Scorpio, the PS4 pro, and the possible Harry Potter RPG. Watch here:

Games Radar give thanks to characters with thankless jobs in games. Watch here:

Nintendo Life talk to eight great indie companies working on games for the Switch. Watch here:

PixelJuice’s Sam and Luke share more of their top games in Part 2 of their Top 17 Games. Watch here:

PNG goes on a movie collecting trip and shares his finds with us. Watch here:

ProsafiaGaming shows off all Banjo Kazooie bosses in a no damage run. Watch here:

TetraNinja reviews Breath of the Wild and enjoys the side step it takes from the rest of the Zelda franchise. Watch here:

TheGebs24 shares a first person POV tour of her games room. Watch here:

Wired & Witty discuss the Pepsi commercial, Cyberpunk 2077 and more in this week’s episode of Wired, Witty, and Everything Else podcast. Watch here:


This Week in Let’s Play has posted an actual let’s play video! Check out ‘A Day in the Life of a Slice of Bread’ here:

That’s all for this week! If there’s anything you think we’ve missed out then please tweet us @ThisWeekinLP and we’ll be sure to take a look. Happy gaming, and here’s to a good week ahead!


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