Channel Spotlight: DotGames


Welcome to Channel Spotlight, ThisWeekinLP’s in-depth look at small channels that deserve more love. This week I was given the chance to have a chat with DotGames, and she was more than happy to let me know about her favourite childhood games, her favourite content to make, and wishing she had someone to bounce jokes of off.

TWiLP: Tell me about yourself!

DotGames: My name is Tamara Melody Fraser and I’m 34 years old. I hail from Nova Scotia – my current place of residence is New Minas, but I’m from Stellarton (both in Nova Scotia).

TWiLP: So what got you into making gaming content?

DotGames: I always wanted to do it! What motivate me was several creators I was watching while horrendously ill with the worst bout of pneumonia I ever had, and all of them are still pretty huge – JonTron, Pat the NES Punk, AVGN, Continue?, PeanutButterGamer and Angry Joe were the ones I gravitated to the most.

TWiLP: How did you come up with the name ‘DotGames’?

DotGames: I tend to go by ‘MeloDotty’ or some variant of ‘Dotty’ online, and have done for many years – so since I’m gaming, we got DotGames!

TWiLP: So what are some of your favourite games?

DotGames: The Final Fantasy series, obviously  – my favourites are 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, and 11, but 6 is the pinnacle of the series for me. 11 is the only MMO I’ve ever played that I can tolerate, and it was awesome. Other hits for me include Megaman, Megaman X, the Elder Scrolls, and Breath of Fire. The game I put the most hours into as a child though was The Legend of Zelda – the first the second ones.

TWiLP: Being a solo channel, are there ever times when you wish you could share the workload? Or do you prefer to work alone?

DotGames: I would LOVE to have someone to bounce jokes or ideas off of – those who have a partner in this gig should learn to really appreciate and value their co-hosts. I’m with with working alone since I have been most of my life, though.

TWiLP: What kind of video is your favourite to make?

DotGames: Probably the self-help blogs and the Magic: the Gathering content I produce. It’s a chance for me to talk openly, be honest, give opinions and advice – and I also seem to get to know the commenters on these videos better.

TWiLP: So when it comes to making the videos, what’s the process for it and what equipment do you use?

DotGames: I use a PS4 with a PS4 camera accessory, and for PC I use a PS4 controllers, a blue snowball mic donated to me by AndrooNRGaming, Turtle Beach 60p Recon headphones, and for editing I use Sony Vegas.

TWiLP: How have you found the experience of building up an audience?

DotGames: Very slow, and very steady! Just continually putting out content seems to help, but I imagine it’s very slow going for a lot of Let’s Players out there. I’ve found the response to be surprisingly positive overall – I wasn’t expecting support or kindness, being part of the LGBT community. I’d say I was pleasantly surprised, and it gives me a sort of hope.

TWiLP: Is there anything you want to make sure people just starting out know?

DotGames:  Don’t expect it to be a money maker right from the get-go! You have YEARS of building content and audiences ahead of you. But if this feels like something you want to try, or it feels like a passion, you don’t need much to get into it. So if you want to try it, go for it! Just don’t expect immediate results.

You’re going to have streams/episodes at first with 1-5 views, but don’t get discouraged. What I do recommend is making contacts, and comment to all your commenters. Build a community and get to know other LPers – your best bet for growth of any kind is to make an alliance, or group of supporters working together. It’s a very different time on YouTube now than it was back in 2006.

Thanks again to Tamara for taking the time to answer my questions! Make sure to follow her on Twitter and subscribe to her YouTube channel.


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