This Week in Let’s Play: 13-27 March

Welcome to This Week in Let’s Play, your handy guide to what’s been going on in the world of LP. TWiLP has been on an unofficial hiatus for school and health reasons, and thanks to everyone for being patient with me during this time!


AbdallahSmash026 gets to be a kid now, a squid now in gameplay of Splatoon 2. Watch here:

AndrewArcade is back after a three-week break, and uses the new vampire features in the Sims 4 to get away from boring movies. Watch here:

Arlo and Chris from Rogueliker free guinea pigs and pop balloons as they play Snipperclips. Watch here:

Brownbeard of Behind2Beards plays Mass Effect Andromeda and has no idea where he is. Watch here:

CelestOrion goes on a nostalgia trip in an achievement run of Phantasy Star II. Watch here:

ChaosLordRoss reaches the end of Layers of Fear, helps a disembodied voice figure…something out, and is 90% certain he gets the bad ending. Watch here:

Cinemassacre’s Mike Matei can’t deal with flying fish in Part 2 of Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows. Watch here:

CommanderHolly declines a trip to the park and checks out a haunted house in Part 27 of Night in the Woods. Watch here:

D-Dubb da Scrub reaches a new level of rage as he plays CLustertruck. Watch here:

DoctorsGaming and special guest GreenEyedMonster live out all their terrifying lumberjack dreams in Part 2 of The Forest. Watch here:

DotGames steals fur boots after completely overpowering an archer in Part 6 of Oblivion for PC. Watch here:

FUBARGaming drunkenly yawns his way through Vlad the Impaler in some previously unreleased footage from a FUBAR Quickie. Watch here:

GameAttack get incredibly angry at Boo and each other as they play Mario Party 9. Watch here:

GameGrumps finish off a shrine and discuss buying Link a house in Part 15 of Breath of the Wild. Watch here:

Gamer’s Guide played Breath of the Wild for his ACLU Gamers Care livestream, and if you missed it you can catch up here:

Instinct deals with some depth perception issues and gets seriously short-changed with stat building in NieR: Automata Part 6. Watch here:

InvertedReality find out that the Plague Knight’s fortress is an incredibly unstable place to live in Episode 3 of Shovel Knight. Watch here:

IJBGaming runs out of bombs and makes his way to the water in a short and sweet episode of Link to the Past. Watch here:

Jake The Hawk has to face off against Satan over and over in the final part of Manual Samuel. Watch here:

JankyShenanigans and JoeLBone fight fires with penguins in Episode 16 of Pit People. Watch here:

Jesse Cox plays…whatever the hell this game is meant to be for a Saturday edition of Fan Friday. (Game: Frisky Business.) Watch here:

Jim Sterling plays THE LAST PATIENT for Jimpressions and…hates it. Watch here:

JoeDiamondPlays goes cabin hopping and ventures across an icy lake in Part 38 of The Long Dark. Watch here:

KanaLoneGamer and The Affro Show deal with some technical difficulties as they play Town of Salem. Watch here:

KimChica strikes up a pity friendship in the finale of SOMA. Watch here:

Mortem3r and Egoraptor play a game within a game as they download DEMONTOWER in Part 5 of Night in the Woods on KittyKatGaming. Watch here:

Lucahjin deals with the grim face of death and has to escape a torture situation in Part 10 of Shardlight. Watch here:

Markiplier plays as Mr. Mesolonely and dates (almost) anything in as he plays the Date (Almost) Anything Simulator. Watch here:

MasterOv snakes himself and all other snakes in Part 98 of Watch here:

Miss Multi-Console sets off on a mission to the pier in Part 24 of Gravity Rush. Watch here:

OJJGames throws orbs at the Putty Patrollers and forms the Megazord in Part 2 of Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers: Mega Battle. Watch here:

ProsafiaGaming has put together a mix of all the bosses from Kingdom Hearts 2 on PS2, Ps3, and PS4. Watch here:

Subject:Re deals with the horror of automatic doors in Part 7 of OXENFREE. Watch here:

Tesla  ゴジラ fires the torpedoes in a first impressions of We Need To Go Deeper. Watch here:

TetraNinja gets into a bar fight and takes a tour of some research facilities in Part 59 of Mass Effect Andromeda. Watch here:

TheWritegamers continue to build bridges (literally) in Part 2 of Poly Bridge. Watch here:

Thumb Clicks have some trouble getting the bowling ball through the basketball hoop in Part 1 of Snipperclips. Watch here:

Shepard, Thane and Dr Mordin Solus fail to fear Niftu Cal in Part 25 of undeadmutt44’s Mass Effect 2 playthrough. Watch here:

Witty of Wired & Witty gets caught up in a bad situation with a malfunctioning shuttle in Part 3 of Mass Effect Andromeda. Watch here:

YutzmanGaming runs for his life in Part 3 of the Outlast: Whistleblower DLC. Watch here:


ArekkzGaming rounds up the top 8 must-have items in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, with special guest Alex from Nintendo Life. Watch here:

Everyone’s favourite Angry Video Name Nerd reviews some Power Rangers games, does a lovely rendition of the Zyuranger theme tune, and can’t comphrehend why the Megazord and Dragonzords would be playing ping-pong. Watch here:

Danny O’Dwyer of noclip takes an in-depth look into the nonsensical world of Frog Fractions 2, and discusses why it may be the most absurd game ever made. Watch here:

Eurogamer outline why we all used to attempt to catch Pokemon in completely the wrong way. Watch here:

FantasticalGamer shows how to get the lightning resistant armour in Breath of the Wild. Watch here:

gameranx go through ten gaming accessories nobody will ever actually ‘need’, and can only buy if you have too much money. Watch here:

Lucas of GamesRadar discusses seven video game locations you would never want to vacation in, including Silent Hill and Isle Delfino. Watch here:

gymnast86 has knocked out another Breath of the Wild any% speedrun in 47:45, the fastest yet – check it out here:

In Episode 9 of Points of Interest, Jake and James of InvertedReality share their thoughts on Logan, upcoming Samsung products, and wonder if Bioware are going to fix the new Mass Effect. Watch here:

KanaLoneGamer delves into the effects of cyberbullying in a new episode of Game Science. Watch here:

Alex from Nintendo Life explains to us all why Breath of the Wild’s Zelda is the best Zelda there’s ever been. Watch here:

PixelJuice (without Jordan) list their top…seventeen favourite games. Watch here:

PNG shares his best moments from the A&C Games Retro Games Jamboree. Watch here:

TheGebs24 shows off the parts of her retro gaming room that people don’t often get to see. Watch here:

Wired & Witty discuss Game Grumps and the apple devices hack in Episode 19 of the Wired, Witty, and Everything Else podcast. Listen here:

Yahtzee Croshaw deals with sandbox-fatigue as he reviews Horizon Zero Dawn. Watch here:


Version 1.7.4 of the CEMU emulator is set to release on April 2nd, with massive improvements being made on the progress of Breath of the Wild. Check out CEMU’s Patreon for updates.

That’s all for this week! If there’s anything you think we’ve missed out then please tweet us @ThisWeekinLP and we’ll be sure to take a look. Happy gaming, and here’s to a good week ahead!


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