Channel Spotlight: Behind2Beards


Welcome to Channel Spotlight, ThisWeekinLP’s in-depth look at small channels that deserve more love. This week I was able to ask the Behind2Beards guys a few questions, and they were more than happy to share their experiences working solo-but-together, having fun making vlogs, and getting obsessive about their social media analytics.

TWiLP: Tell me a little bit about yourselves!

Behind2Beards: Hello! We are Behind2Beards – we’re both 24 and from Manchester, UK. It’s normally pretty cold up North but it’s an awesome city to be from.

TWiLP: So what got you into making gaming content?

Behind2Beards: We’ve both been into gaming since we can remember. We both received games consoles from a very young age and haven’t put them down since, so we thought instead of sitting around all day playing games, we would do a project based upon gaming.

We were originally going to become a streaming channel on Twitch but we thought the market was too tough to get into, so we started our YouTube channel.  We also liked the idea of being able to create and edit video content other than just streaming.

TWiLP: What are some of your favourite games?

Behind2Beards: There’s so many to choose from! We both share a very similar taste – we love a good FPS like Halo or Gears of War. Mass Effect is also another one we’re looking forward to! We’ve both always been big RPG fans so we’re into World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy – we’ve been gaming for so long we’ve basically got a huge list of favourites.

TWiLP: It might be obvious, but how did you come up with the name ‘Behind2Beards’?

Behind2Beards: Well there are a number of different thoughts behind it. First of all, yes, the obvious – we both have beards. But we also think of it as ‘behind’ being our mouths/brains behind the beards. So it’s like our creativity and content coming from Behind the Beard. Plus, the fact we can have ‘Behind 2’ shows people we are a two-man team instead of being a solo channel.

TWiLP: Speaking of – since you guys are a team, how do you share the workload?

Behind2Beards: Well, we don’t have specific days where one of us uploads. It’s more of a case of who has what content ready for publishing. So if one of us is busy for a couple of days the other will step in and increase the workload.

TWiLP: Do you tend to do things separately?

Behind2Beards:  We do most of our indie gaming videos separately because they’re usually single player, although we have done multiplayer in the past. But we almost always do our vlogs together as well as our other miscellaneous content. We like to change up our content a lot, so it’s fun to do skits together.

TWiLP:  Do you ever specifically want to work solo?

Behind2Beards: We try to always make sure we don’t do TOO much content separately, as it kind of takes away from the Behind2Beards experience.

TWiLP: What is your favourite type of video to make on the channel?

Behind2Beards: It’s very, very hard to choose from but I think right now it’s vlogs because we can really be ourselves and do something fun while we record. We do love a good indie game though, so we always like to try lots of different ones.

TWiLP:  So in terms of making the videos themselves, what’s the process? What equipment do you use?

Behind2Beards: Well, we both have different computers with similar power, which is awesome because it means that we can work on two videos at the same time if needed. We currently use Blue Yeti mics to pick up our voices and Logitech C920s for our webcam recordings.

TWiLP: How have you found the experience of building an audience so far?

Behind2Beards: Difficult! It’s so hard to grow an audience nowadays as YouTube is just so popular, but the outcome is worth it for the good feeling we get. There have been times where we’ve lost a lot of subs or views, and that can definitely feel demotivating. But we’ve always powered through.

TWiLP: What has the response been like overall?

Behind2Beards: Very positive! We hardly receive any negative criticism, and whenever we have it’s mostly been trolls. The YouTube community are very nice and we love the fact that people always help each other out. It sometimes makes us feel weird to think people actually watch our videos to the end.

TWiLP: Is there anything you really want people just starting out on YouTube to know?

Behind2Beards:  Always look on improving your content if you can! Keep researching different methods and ways of editing and making your content more interesting. Also don’t just copy other channels! Do your own thing in your own style – you can have influences but just don’t copy!

Make sure you don’t get yourself down if you get any negative criticism or low views, and don’t forget that you’re doing this for yourself and your own entertainment! Oh, and don’t check the analytics 20,000 times a day because we do that and we become obsessed.

Thanks again to the Behind2Beards guys for taking the time to chat! Make sure to follow them on Twitter and check out their YouTube channel.




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