This Week in Let’s Play: 6-12 March (Breath of the Wild Special!)

Welcome to This Week in Let’s Play, your handy guide to what’s been going on in the world of LP. This week it’s a Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild special, and I’ve brought together some of my favourite content covering the latest Zelda instalment. Enjoy!


AbdallahSmash026 faces the divine beast Vah Naboris in Part 43 of his playthrough of the game. Watch here:

BeardBear faces Vah Naboris and Thunderblight Ganon in Part 16 of Breath of the Wild. Watch here:

Cinemassacre’s Mike shows James the ropes in Part 16 of Mike’s BotW livestream. Watch here:

Craig and Bolen of GameAttack play the game and fall in love with it. Watch here:

EmiruTheKnight ventures through Goron City and frees Vah Rudania in Part 12. Watch here:

Game Grumps manage to die in new and varied ways in Part 7. Watch here:

GamersPrey shows how to get through the Misae Suma shrine in their most recent walkthrough. Watch here:

MasterOv faces Calamity Ganon in the final part of his BotW walkthrough. Watch here:

ProsafiaGaming uncovers all of Link’s memories and shows off his complete backstory. Watch here:

…also has also put together all of the cinematic cutscenes in the game for a full movie. Watch here:

TetraNinja uncovers Link’s final memory in Part 37 of Breath of the Wild. Watch here:


Arekkz Gaming has made a walkthrough of how to get Link’s green tunic without having to get the Link Amiibo. Watch here:

Arlo discusses the breakable weapons in Breath of the Wild and makes a case for its defense. Watch here:

AustinJohnPlays shows off how to get Dark Link. Watch here:

Chris Stuckmann reviews the game and geeks out about some of the new Zelda elements. Watch here:

FantasticalGamer shows how to get the Master Sword. Watch here:

GamesRadar discuss 11 mechanics in Breath of the Wild that might not be so obvious, such as not needing a pot to cook and using octo balloons to get objects to float. Watch here:

GameXplain shows off the giant horse easter egg. Watch here:

Jake Baldino lays out a few things he thinks everyone should know before buying the game. Watch here:

Jim Sterling really wanted to review Breath of the Wild, but instead he had to deal with a game dev accusing him of violating trademarks. Watch here:

Nintendo Life share some of their favourite bad reviews of the game. Watch here:

That’s all for this week! If there’s anything you think we’ve missed out then please tweet us @ThisWeekinLP and we’ll be sure to take a look. Happy gaming, and here’s to a good week ahead!


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