This Week in Let’s Play: 27 Feb-5 Mar

Welcome to This Week in Let’s Play, your handy guide to what’s been going on in the world of LP. If there’s someone or something you think should be included in future posts, please let me know!

Earlier this week I also had the pleasure of doing a Channel Spotlight Q&A with KanaLoneGamer, so be sure to check that out and give her some love if you haven’t already.


Brownbeard of Behind2Beards plays Heartbound and is pleasantly surprised by how much he enjoys it. Watch here:

Bleackbeard of Behind2Beards grows trees and gets emotional whilst playing Tree. Watch here:

CelestGaming saves Ariel and finds out octopi always lie in Part 20 of Kingdom Hearts. Watch here:

ChaosLordRoss finds a bottle of bourbon and gets stuck in a puzzle hellhole in Part 5 of Layers of Fear. Watch here:

Cinemassacre’s Mike Matei and Ryan Schott end up impressed by the Pink Ranger’s speed as they play Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers on the Game Gear. Watch here:

CommanderHolly plays Night in the Woods and discovers that friendships are like trees in Part 9. Watch here:

D-Dubb da Scrub is almost better than Superman in an extra-long 5+ hour Battlefield 1 livestream,. Watch here:

DoctorsGaming deals with some technical issues as he plays Titan Quest Collection. Watch here:

DotGames pilots around the mountains and goes head-to-head with a giant snake in a livestream of Final Fantasy VII. Watch here:

FUBARGaming and guests Interionism and Jiberrrjabber play GTA Online and have some interesting difficulties while trying to do stunt races. Watch here:

Game Grumps start their Breath of the Wild adventure in an hour-long special. Watch here:

“This entire episode is just going to be my dying.” Gamer’s Guide has some difficulty with the new Zelda. Watch here:

Instinct solves a tricky puzzle and finds a box full of maggots in Part 6 of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. Watch here:

InvertedReality appreciate the colours and watch extremely long cut-scenes while playing Horizon Zero Dawn. Watch here:

JakeTheHawk plays some fairytale-themed levels in another episode of Little Big Planet 3. Watch here:

JankyShenanigans plays Overwatch’s new character Orisa for Demo Day #38 and feels her weapon might be overpowered. Watch here:

Jesse Cox plays Nefarious for Fan Friday (Saturday edition) and plays the part of the villain stealing the princess for a change. Watch here:

JoeDiamondPlays lights flares and climbs snowy hilltops in Part 29 of The Long Dark. Watch here:

KanaLoneGamer pretends she never lost a battle to a bat and still somehow isn’t freezing to death in Episode #5 of Tales of Berseria. Watch here:

KimChica begins the long descent in Episode 14 of SOMA. Watch here:

On KittyKatGaming, Mort3mer and Barry play the 1-2-Switch minigames for the Switch. Watch here:

Lucahjin doesn’t have the correct security clearance in Episode 8 of Shardlight. Watch here:

MasaeAnela is wildly distrusting of the new party member in Part 49 of Tales of Symphonia. Watch here:

Miss Multi-Console builds a King Slime in a special episode of Dragon Quest Builders. Watch here:

OJJGames takes a trip down memory lane as he plays Double Dragon IV. Watch here:

Subject:Re walks around in circles and deals with mysteriously re-lighting campfires in Episode 5 of OXENFREE. Watch here:

Tesla ゴジラ shares his first impressions of Alwa’s Awakening and finds out that his blocks don’t float. Watch here:

The Writegamers are world class civil engineers in Episode #1 of Poly Bridge. Watch here:

ThumbClicks deal with some tough decisions as they play Will You Press The Button? with Game Mom. Watch here:

Wired & Witty discuss the social hierarchy system of Horizon Zero Dawn in Part 6 of the series. Watch here:

YutzmanGaming fights a…glowing green fire urn thing in Part 25 of Shadow Warrior. Watch here:


8-Bit Eric unboxes the Nintendo Switch and really, really enjoys the box. Watch here:

The Behind2Beards boys share yet another wild Friday night with everyone in another vlog. Watch here:

CommanderHolly shares another mail day video, and announces she’ll be at Emerald City Comic-Con in Seattle. Watch here:

DotGames shares her thoughts on Modern Masters for Magic the Gathering in a new vlog. Watch here:

The Game Grumps team have started a new show called ‘Doodle Doods’, where guests take part in speed-drawing challenges. Episode 1 features Egoraptor, Rubberninja, and OneyPlays. Watch here:

In Episode #17 of the ongoing interview series, GirlStreamers talks to s0upspoon about successfully adulting. Watch here:

InvertedReality kick off their new show The Couch by talking about Amazon bots and buying glasses off the internet. Watch here:

In a Jimquisition double-header, Jim Sterling discusses all the ins and outs of his legal battle with Digital Homicide (here: as well as the controversy surrounding the Banjo-Kazooie knock-off ‘Fur-Fun’ (here:

PixelJuice expose all of The Mather’s secrets in the first episode of their new podcast, EXPOSED. Watch here:

PNG brings back an old favourite and shows off all the games he’s picked up recently. Watch here:

ProJared shares his thoughts on the Nintendo Switch. Watch here:

The Leaderboard counts down the 9 bes side quests in the Zelda franchise. Watch here:

In this week’s episode of Wired, Witty & Everything Else, Wired and Witty discuss the Switch, and react to Breath of the Wild. Listen here:

Yahtzee Croshaw laments the lack of a better way to describe ‘Dark Souls clones’ in his review of Nioh. Watch here:

That’s all for this week! If there’s anything you think we’ve missed out then please tweet us @ThisWeekinLP and we’ll be sure to take a look. Happy gaming, and here’s to a good week ahead!


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