This Week in Let’s Play: 30 Jan-5 Feb

Welcome to This Week in Let’s Play, your handy guide to what’s been going on in the world of LP. If there’s someone or something you think should be included in future posts, please let me know!


AndrewArcade impresses the governor in Part 40 of Stardew Valley. Watch here:

Blackbeard of Behind2Beards has a terrifying time playing Resident Evil 7. Watch here:

ChaosLordRoss faces sandsharks and rides a hoverboard in Part 2 of Ratchet & Clank for PS4. Watch here:

Cinemassacre’s Mike, Ryan, and special guest James play Double Dragon and it gets real. Watch here:

CommanderHolly faces the final member of the Elite Four in the final part of Pokemon Sun. Watch here:

Hermit Maka of ConsoleHermits narrowly avoids getting squished in Part 4 of Slt and Sanctuary. Watch here:

D-dubb da Scrub and special guests JoeyG and ProperPlay go for a nice calming walk in the woods as they play Friday the 13th. Watch here:

DoctorsGaming and guests JoeyG and D-dubb da Scrub are the kings of all boxes in Part 2 of What the Box? Watch here:

DotGames deals with Cloud’s memories in Final Fantasy VII. Watch here:

FUBARGaming has some trouble staying afloat in Part 4 of his GTA V stream highlights. Watch here:

GameGrumps get weird and almost get sheared in Part 1 of The Wacky World of Miniature Golf. Watch here:

Instinct finds the fuse and deals with unremovable tape in Part 3 of Resident Evil. Watch here:

InvertedReality are down to just breadcrumbs and brow sweat in Part 8 of Skyrim: Special Edition. Watch here:

IJBGaming faces Team Rocket in Part 16 of Pokemon Stadium 2. Watch here:

Jake the Hawk deals with some feelings in the final part of The Last Guardian. Watch here:

JankyShenanigans plays Fusion Point in Episode 34 of Demo Days. Watch here:

Dr of JellyfishBones deals with an unreadiable cave in Part 3 of Ark Survival Evolved. Watch here:

Jesse Cox and The Scary Game Squad reach the end of Resident Evil 7 and uncover some secrets. Watch here:

Jim Sterling wishes he were just playing Dynasty Tactics as he plays Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers. Watch here:

JoeDiamond acquires the only shovel for treasure hunting enthusiasts in Part 2 of The Secret of Monkey Island. Watch here:

KanaLoneGamer sets off on a new adventure in Tales of Berseria Part 1. Watch here:

TurboTaormino loses patience with the photo challenges in Part 1 of FInal Fantasy XV. Watch here:  

Lucahjin plays Shardlight for One Night Stand. Watch here:

MasaeAnela gets a unicorn horn in Part 31 of Tales of Symphonia. Watch here:

Miss Multi-Console becomes a store manager in Episode 11 of Gravity Rush 2. Watch here:

PNG asks whether Sonic the Hedgehog 4 is really as bad as people think it is in his 2-hour stream. Watch here:

Subject:Re questions what the hell is going on in Episode 3 of Oxenfree. Watch here:

Tesla ゴジラ shares his first impressions of Splasher. Watch here:

YutzmanGaming doesn’t trust Father Martin in Part 11 of Outlast. Watch here:


Brownbeard of Behind2Beards discusses how the YouTube algorithm continues to let down small channels. Watch here:

GameGrumps have released their Best of compilation for January 2017! Watch here:

Gamers @ Large discuss all manner of recent gaming updates from the Nintendo Switch, favourite XBox One titles, and more in Episode 124. Listen here:

InvertedReality talk Samsung Galaxy S8 rumours, the Superbowl, and Project Scorpio in Episode 3 of the Points of Interest podcast. Watch here:

Jimmy Whetzel shares his thoughts on Pokemon Sun & Moon. Watch here:

PNG blesses us all with another quickest review, this time for Shadow the Hedgehog. Watch here:

Dodger discusses Fire Emblem, Club Penguin, and the Elder Scrolls expansion in this week’s GAMING NEWZ. Watch here:

‘13 Overwatch players you find in EVERY match’ from The Leaderboard. Watch here:

Gemma of JuicyGameReviews shares her handhold console collection. Watch here:

Wired & Witty share their Best Of compilation for January 2017! Watch here:


Behind2Beards are having a shoutout competition on their channel! Check it out here:  

That’s all for this week! If there’s anything you think we’ve missed out then please tweet us @ThisWeekinLP and we’ll be sure to take a look. Happy gaming, and here’s to a good week ahead!


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