Channel Spotlight: InvertedReality on editing, sharing the workload, and the LP community


Welcome to Channel Spotlight! At ThisWeekinLP, I’ve had the pleasure of chatting with James and Jake from Inverted Reality. Ever since the first time they made the weekly round-up, Inverted Reality have been more than happy to tell me a little bit about how they make their videos, what motivates them, and what fans can expect from them in the future.

TWiLP: So tell us a little bit about yourselves.

IR: We are James (26), and Jake (25). We’re based in Omaha, Nebraska.

TWiLP: Since there are two of you at Inverted Reality, how do you share the workload?

IR: I [James] typically handle the social media side of things and I interact with fans and other channels. Jake manages the technical side of things. I actually work full time in IT but I’m not much of a video editing type guy, so we chose to operate according to our strengths. He [Jake] is much better from a graphics/tech side of things, and I’m a natural at interacting with other people. It was a no-brainer type of decision, and it really helps to have a partner for the whole process. It really allows us to have the best of both worlds when it comes to our channel.

TWiLP: What actually got you into making LPs?

IR: We’ve always thought we have a unique sense of humour and our chemistry is something people seem to be drawn to. It just felt natural to start making videos of the conversations we already had when playing games. People seem to enjoy it, so we’re more than happy to keep putting ourselves out there.

TWiLP: Which videos are your favourite to make?

IR: The first look videos we do are interesting because we go in blind to these PS Plus games, and you get to see/hear out natural reactions. It’s completely unscripted (like all of our content) so the reactions are genuine. It forces us to play games we wouldn’t normally look at, so it helps us grow out creative process and chemistry on camera.

TWiLP: How do you usually go about making the videos?

IR: Typically we record 3-4 episodes every Tuesday night after 9pm. Then we go into editing, which usually takes about 3 hours per video. It’s a mix of cutting out dead air, bad jokes, and just making sure the episode is the right length. We then go through again and make sure everything is up to our standards, and then the final pass is for polish and graphics work. After that we review it and upload. We both make sure we’re happy with the video before it gets to YouTube.

TWiLP: The oldest video on your channel is 3 months, what have you learnt about making LPs since then?

IR: We’ve learned a ton over the last 3 or 4 months! We actually had a channel nobody will ever see about 2 years ago, and it failed miserably. Between the older channel and the new one, both experiences have shown us the importance of scheduling videos and actively editing and improving them. We used to be so worried about dead air, and so we turned our focus to more editing which helped us to relax a bit. It means we can record for longer periods of time to get better footage, and have genuine reactions and funny moments. It takes more work, but it’s worth it.

TWiLP: Anything you’ve learnt to love or hate in that time?

IR: One thing I’m not particularly fond of is the ‘sub for sub’ culture. People seem to think it’s the best way to grow, but then you end up with channels with 500-1000 subs and no views. It’s important for us to only sub to channels we’re actively interested in watching and liking, so it can be a bit annoying for us when we get requests for things like that. We always explain our position though – most people understand.

Outside of that, we’ve got to know some awesome channels/YouTubers along the way – at one point last month, I was actively chatting with people from 4 different continents, which I never expected to do. I love being part of a healthy community with people that actually care about you and your channel instead of just people looking out for themselves.

TWiLP: What’s the experience of starting up a new LP channel been like for you both?

IR James: For me, it’s been incredibly rewarding. The relationships I’ve made with people all over the world and the awesome conversations I’ve been having just blow me away every day. Social media is also way more work that I expected. I think I spend anywhere from 2-4 hours a day on Twitter, Facebook, and catching up with other channels on YouTube. It’s way more work than I ever expected to put in, but I love doing it so I don’t have a problem with it.

IR Jake: For me it’s been so much fun to really hone my editing for comedy and video games. I’ve been working professionally in video production for a few years now and this was an entirely different approach to making content for me. Everything that I’ve made before has entailed more production and graphics and b-roll to make it interesting and hold the attention of the viewer. For LPs, all I have to work with is a video game and two voices, so it forces us to make sure we offer good content on the recording end and for me to put it together in an entertaining and engaging way when I edit. It’s a lot of work but it’s also a lot of fun to make content with my best friend and share it with the world.

TWiLP: Is there anything you want to say to people just getting into LPs?

IR: For new LPers, I’d say it’s important to put out quality content on a consistent basis – that’s been the biggest thing for us. Recording regularly, scheduling, ensuring the video/audio quality is the best it can be given your equipment are all important. As long as you’re entertaining, you’ll be able to go far. Also know that if it’s something you want to pursue full time, it’s going to be a lot of work, so get into a community to help you out. If we didn’t have each other to keep us going or the communities we’re in, I don’t think the channel would be anything like what it is now.

TWiLP: You guys were on a quest to hit 200 subscribers before the end of 2016, how did that go for you?

IR: Well we hit a bit of a wall at 150 subs, and ended the year at 152 officially. We feel really good with where the content of our channel is at, so we’re going to do the giveaway we had planned anyway soon. We also just want to say how much we appreciate everyone who watches our videos and keeps coming back for more. We might not have hit our sub goal, but people are starting to watch and interact more with each video, so we’re growing all the same.

TWiLP: Any big plans for 2017?

IR: We’re going to be putting out 3 full episodes a week, as well as doing our first looks for the PS Plus games the same week they come out. It’s a bit extreme but we want to keep growing – so the best way to do is to get more quality content out there.

Thanks again to Jake and James at Inverted Reality for taking the time to chat! Be sure to follow them over on their twitter and subscribe to their channel. While you’re at it, be sure to follow ThisWeekinLP on twitter too.



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