This Week in Let’s Play: 26 Nov-2 Dec


Welcome to This Week in Let’s Play, your handy guide to what’s been going on in the world of LP.


TurboTaormino is horrified about plunging in Paper Mario Color Splash on KindaOkayGamers. Watch here:

Steam Rolled is back! Watch Ross, Barry, Arin, and Matt play Bicyclism here:

Continue? play 20XX:

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is back on KittyKatGaming after a year-long absence:


ProJared shares his thoughts on Zelda II:

‘Smash Bros Melee tournaments are shrines to old TVs’. Read it here:

The Completionist is a week away from completing 200 games. GO JIRARD. 

Brian Wecht aka Ninja Brian has a new podcast:

The Game Awards were last night. Check the full list of winners here:

Ross and Arin from Game Grumps did plane AMAs. Yep. Arin: Ross:


A lot of Let’s Players are experiencing subscriber losses and low view totals because YouTube is changing its algorithm yet again. It’s affecting smaller channels the most, and a lot of people feeling increasingly fond of Twitch. Here are a couple of videos about it:



Chuggaaconroy hit 1.1 million subscribers. Here’s to a million more!

Steam Curators is still broken. Read here:

Ludicious Zurich are looking for volunteers for their 2017 Game Festival. More info here:

That’s all for this week! If there’s anything you think we’ve missed out then please tweet us @s3rver_lag and we’ll be sure to take a look. Happy gaming!


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